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Compost awareness week

Compost awareness week came to my attention today.  More information about it here.

It is a good way of getting rid of a large percentage of your household waste (about 30%) which would normally just go to landfill and create methane (a greenhouse gas).  The benefits are that you get some lovely organic compost to put on your garden.  Plus if you keep the mixture right between brown and green materials you can also get rid of any shredded paper, grass clippings and garden waste (dead flowers, small cuttings) as well.  More tips on getting the balance right here.

If you live in Suffolk you can get discounted compost bins for about £14 plus £5 delivery  More details here.

We’ve had a compost bin here for about 10 years and have had no problems with it.  On the contrary it seems to attract lots of interesting wildlife – worms, frogs, toads, slow worms and even the odd newt.


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Landshare web site

Information about and a link to the landshare web site – a means of linking growers with land owners.

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Cedars park residents association AGM

Get the allotments for Cedars Park back on the agenda for the local governing bodies.

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Allotment update

An update on my putative campaign to get more allotments in Stowmarket.

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Honey look what I found in the garden!

Some interesting creatures that I found in the garden today.

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